New City-Wide School Attendance Policy

We are writing to let you know that Brighton and Hove City Council have now published a revised school attendance policy for all schools which we will start implementing from 1st September 2015.  The main changes for us as a school are:

  •          Fines can now be issued for persistent late arrivals
  •          Fines will be issued from the first day of holiday taken during term time
  •          Fines will also be issued where attendance is <90% 
  •          Each person with parental responsibility can now receive up to three penalties per year

All requests for absences in term time should be submitted in writing to Mr Staricoff with at least 10 days’ notice.  The school will only be able to authorise absences in term time in exceptional circumstances as defined by the new guidance.

As always, we really appreciate your support and please come and have a chat with Mr Staricoff if you feel the school can support you in any way with regards to attendance or punctuality.

Below you will find links to the new policy and additional supporting resources on the council's website.