Children's Upgrade Plan (Children's SDP)

The Joy Of Not Knowing (JONK) Learning to Learn approach not only has the child at the heart of the learning process but it also has the child at the heart of school improvement. Every class has an elected Learning Leader representative. The Learning Leaders work together with the staff to understand the School’s current Development Plan and then write their own version of the plan from the perspective of the children at the school.  
The Learning Leaders have now each chosen one of the development areas to help support and even came in to our January INSET day to work with staff and governors!
The children's plan, titled 'CUP of COFFEE' is a working document and a copy is in each classroom.  You can find our most recent version below.
Creating Amazing Creative Writers
Outstanding Mathematical Minds
Fabulous Creative Creatures
Fantastic Creative Minds, Learners and Thinkers
Ensuring all children know what they know and what they don't know
Enthusiastic, Healthy and Respectful Minds