Contact the Governors

Should you wish to find out more about the work of the governing body with a view to becoming a governor, or if you have any concerns or suggestions to make, then please use one or more of the methods below for contacting us. We are always happy to hear from parents and will do our best to respond quickly to your contact.
Please remember that Governors deal with the strategic aspects of the school, not the operational.  So if you have a concern about something operational (for instance, concens with your child not making progress with his current teacher or litter on the playground) you will need to speak to the Headteacher. 

Informal contact : If you would like to have an informal chat with any of the governors, please contact the School office with your phone number or email address and they will arrange for a governor to contact you. Any such contact remains informal, as governors are not able to act individually but will always have to refer your comments on to the Chair and the whole governing body.

Parent governors: You may also be able to find a parent governor in the playground either before or after school and you are welcome to approach them informally with suggestions, comments or concerns. They will listen to any issues you raise and refer your comments on as above. However, they will arrange to contact you again to let you know what is being done. If you are not sure who the parent governors are select 'Who's Who' on the bar to the left.

Chair of Governors: You can write to the Chair of Governors through the school office. Office staff will ensure the Chair receives your letter and she will acknowledge your letter immediately followed by a considered response either in person, by phone, by email or by letter - whichever is the most appropriate. Alternatively you may pass your phone number or email address onto the office and they will arrange for the Chair of Governors to contact you. If the Chair of Governors is unavailable the Vice Chair will act for the Chair in her absence.
Parent Consultations: We try to make sure that there is governor representation at each parent consultation evening so they can greet parents on their arrival at the school and engage in a dialogue with them.