Helping your Child to Read

Being able to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling and this has far–reaching implications for lifelong confidence and well being. High quality phonic work should be the prime means for teaching children how to read and spell words in the foundation stage. It is very important to develop children’s speaking and listening skills from the earliest stages, ensuring that beginner readers are ready to get off to a good start in phonic work by the age of five. This work should be set within a curriculum which is rich in language development opportunities.

Here at Balfour Primary school we use the Letters and Sounds programme which is structured into six stages which broadly follow the Primary National Strategy’s Progression and Pace.

Here are some useful links to phonic games you can play with your child on the computer.



Phonics and Reading Schemes in KS1

We use a range of phonics and reading schemes in KS1 which include:

  • Phonics - www.phonicsplay.co.uk (Scheme used for planning and lessons from Yr R - Yr 2) 
  • Bug Club - reading online books  
  • Reading - Rigby Star Books, Big Cat books and Rapid Readers 
  • Handwriting - Write Dance Yr R,    Penpals Yr R- Yr 6



Guided reading sessions

Foundation Stage and Key stage 1

In Balfour Primary School we have a structured reading scheme for the Foundation stage comprising 100% decodable readers in it. There are many fiction and non- fiction readers which contain plenty of exciting stories and information. Fun, varied and packed with humour each book is 100% decodable and they enable each of our children at school and at home to be able to read them independently.
At the front and back of each book there are useful consolidation and extension activities for the reader to work through with the teacher/ teaching assistant and parents.

All children are given a phonic assessment at the beginning of the 2nd half of Autumn Term. If children have passed through Stage 1 and are working within Stage 2 they are given a reading book which they take home in a book bag.

In the Spring term the children are put into reading groups and are given the appropriate level of book for their stage of development.
As the children move up the school the books they are given introduce various strategies for reading such as context cues and decoding in a range of genres. At this stage the books are divided up into colour bands. The Reading Behaviour cards will focus on the strategies that are needed to help your child’s reading progress. Please click on the below links to download these Reading Behaviour cards.

We hope you find this information useful.