Possible snow

26th February 2018

Just a reminder of our school closure procedures, should the predicted snow cause us to close.  Our policy can be found on the policies page of this website. I encourage you to read it as it has a lot of important information, but in in terms of closure decision/notification:
Snowfall overnight
If there is heavy snowfall overnight we will:
  • aim to make a decision to open or close by 7:00am;
  • notify parents/carers via text and the school website (www.balfourprimary.co.uk)
  • update the telephone message 
  • notify the following radio stations which broadcast school closures on air:
    • Heart Radio (102.4FM & 103.5FM)
    • Juice Radio (107.2FM)
  • if possible, put a sign on the school gates saying the school is closed
Snowfall during the school day
If there is heavy snowfall during the school day, we will:
  • monitor the depth and rate of snowfall until it becomes apparent that conditions are likely to become unsafe for all concerned on their journeys to and from the school;
  • contact parents via text, email and website to advise them that the school will close early;
  • keep the children in the Hall until they are picked up;
  • only allow children to be collected by parent/carer or elected collector;
  • supervise children until their parents/carers arrive;
  • invite members of staff who live in vulnerable geographical areas to go home at the safest opportunity.