Mr Staricoff named as Headteacher of the year!!

2nd July 2017

Mr Staricoff has been named as Headteacher of the Year at the Youth in Action Awards on Sunday! 
You can also read the Argus Live Blog here which details his nomination and his win! 
His nomination:

Balfour Primary School headteacher Marcelo Staricoff joined the school in 2014.

In charge of one of the largest primary schools in the country, Marcelo has been an energetic head championing a number of initiatives including at least 10 minutes of exercise a day for each pupil and installing new outdoor gym equipment in the playground.

He has also seen the introduction of mascots reflecting the different styles of learning and set up a partnership with Whitehawk FC, which sees his pupils acts as mascots at matches.

 Helen Bland, Balfour PTA member, said: “Marcelo came in to the school and established a caring, thoughtful and inclusive environment.

“He is 100 per cent committed to the kids and their positive education well-being.”

Amanda Flint, PTA chair, also sung his praises. She said: “He is an approachable headteacher and knows near enough every child’s name – and he has 880 pupils in the school.

“He created the philosophy and ethos of the school – the Joy Of Not Knowing – a model which equips each child with life-long skills of how to learn and more importantly that it’s good not to know."

Obviously we all knew how great he was - but it's just wonderful that people outside our school recognise his talent.
I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him a huge, and well earned, congratulations!
And for those eagle eyes amongst you, you'll also notice that another member of staff made an appearance that day.  TA John Bergin's band provided the entertainment, unbeknown to any of us!