Mr R's CD

29th November 2018

Mr R (Mike Reinstein) teaches singing at Balfour Primary School (KS1) on Mondays and Tuesdays. As well as being a teacher he is also a songwriter and has released three CDs of his songs for children – The Tommy Tomato Songbook, The Blewdle and a special CD for Christmas called Dear Santa.

 You can hear some tracks on his website: 

The Tommy Tomato Songbook has twenty tracks including, Tommy Tomato, Boing (The Rabbit Song), Sanibonani, The Pet Shop, One Dollar Robot, Lazy Bee and All Fall Down 

The Blewdle has eighteen songs featuring Rocket To Mars, Boo, Dinosaur and Cheesey Feet. 

Tommy Tomato and The Blewdle cost £10 each. Dear Santa costs £5. 

Dear Santa has five original songs to get you into the Christmasy mood - Dear Santa, Can This Be The Place, We Are Stars, King Of Snow and Angels In The Sky. 

Ten per cent from each sale will be donated to Balfour Primary School. 

SPECIAL OFFER!! Buy The Blewdle and Tommy Tomato together for £15. Or buy all three CDs for £20!!! 

If you’d like to buy these CDs please pop a cheque made payable to Mike Reinstein in a sealed envelope along with your child's name and class.