No dogs on/near school grounds

19th March 2018

Dear Parents/ Carers, 

After school on Friday 16th March, a child in Reception was bitten on the face by a dog. The dog was chained up to the rail at the bottom of the stairs, in between the KS2 playground and the field. As a result of the injury, the child was placed under general anaesthetic, had surgery on their face and is now on antibiotics. 

In order to safeguard all our children and prevent a similar incident happening on our school grounds, we ask all parents and carers to not bring dogs anywhere on school grounds and to not chain dogs near any of the entry/exit access points to the school. This will ensure children feel safe when entering the school and will avoid any future incidents which may possibly lead to charges against the dog owners.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries. 

Many thanks,

Sandra Mulholland and Dawn Loader
Acting Headteachers

Balfour Primary School
01273 507722