Virtual Children's Parade 2020!

We love taking part in the Children's Parade each year!  It is such a fantastic community event to kick off the Brighton Festival celebrations.
We were extremely disappointed that this year's event was cancelled.  That's why we decided to organise our 'Virtual Children's Parade' thanks to a great suggestion from Tobias in Year 6.  The idea was so popular that Same Sky and Brighton Festival have taken it on and communicated with schools to make this a city wide event!
The theme for this year's parade is 'Nature's Marvels'.  Schools are divided into sections (land, sea, air) and we are in the land section.
We decided to make a giant (3 metre long!) leaf cutter Queen ant.  We also made two smaller ants plus a giant leaf to be carried.  
Did you know?
Leaf cutter ant colonies can be up to 10 million ants strong!  They are incredibly hard workers and each ant takes on a different role.
Like the leaf cutter ants, together we can do anything!
Mrs Russell Miss Hobson spent a very long time constructing the 'big makes' before the parade was cancelled!  So, we decided to finish them!  A huge thank you to all of the staff and children who helped to paper and paint the big makes.
Look at our wonderful families celebrating their children's parade at home!
Check out the Brighton Festival Facebook page to see their 'Children's Parade at Home' video which features some of our wonderful Balfour children (and a couple of staff!).