Year 5

Curriculum info and map

Things you can do with your child:
  • Read at home
  • Practise timetables and identify one they want to focus on.
  • Get them to talk about what they are learning; if they can talk about it they understand it.

Meet the teachers

--------------------------------------  Previous weeks  --------------------------------------

What have we been learning this week? (Spring 1 Week 1)

English: ‘Maddi’s Fridge’

As part of our ‘Global Week’ (See the photos below), we have been looking at a book called Maddi’s Fridge.

Our English has included: asking questions and using inference, re-telling part of the story.

Maths:  Formal method for multiplication

We have been learning the formal method for multiplication, starting with multiplying by 1 digit and then moving onto multiplying by 2 digits.  Use Mathletics if you need more practice!

Home Learning ideas for next week

Please look at your home learning this week – Making BIOMES!  This links to our Science lessons and so it is very important that bring this into school by Wednesday 15th January.

What have we been learning this week? (Autumn 2 Week 6)

English: ‘The Outsiders’

We have been writing stories this week – an alternative ending to 'The Outsiders'.  We have been focusing on the different sentence types that we have worked on this half term.

At home you can:  read lots over Christmas!

Maths:  Area and perimeter

We have been consolidating our learning for the half term.  We have been keeping up with our fluency by revisiting place value and calculation methods.

At home you can:  Practise times tables and look at the related division facts!  We are moving onto the formal method for multiplication and division after Christmas.

Home Learning ideas for next week

It’s Mathletics for home learning this week – we have been learning all about area and perimeter

What have we been learning this week? (Autumn 2 Week 2)



We have been writing non-chronological reports this week all about the Bronze Age (where our new class novel – 'The Outsiders', by Micelle Paver - is set). We have focussed on different sentence starters, cohesion and formal language.

At home you can: Research the Bronze Age with your child or ask them what they know.  We have been working on PEE in our guided reading sessions too – ask children to explain!

Maths:  Statistics

We have been consolidating time and interpreting timetables

At home you can: Interpret timetables in real life contexts - look at the tv guide and ask your child how long programmes last.  Can they work out the time of the next bus from the bus timetable?

Home Learning ideas for next week

Timetables rockstars


What have we been learning this week? (Autumn 1 Week 5)


English: ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

We have been continuing with the adventures of Odysseus.  We have been writing letters about the encounter with the Cyclops, creating play scripts about The Sacks of Wind and performing to the class.

At home you can: Listen to your child read aloud or enjoy taking turns to read with them – focus on intonation and pausing for punctuation.

Maths:  Position and Direction

We have been looking at the formal methods for addition and subtraction and next week will move onto problem solving with these operations.

At home you can: Explore Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics – details of how to log on will be in your child’s home learning books this Friday.

Home learning ideas for next week:


Times tables are a focus!

What have we been learning this week? (Autumn 1 week 2)

English: ‘Odysseus

We have started to read our class novel, using retrieval and inference skills to pick out what we can learn about the main characters.

At home you can: question your child about the characters in the book they are reading at home – what do they know (can retrieve from the text) and what do they think (infer) about the characters?

Maths:  Position and Direction

We have been focussing on place value – focussing on writing, reading, partitioning numbers within 100,000 and rounding to the nearest 10,100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000.  We have started to look at negative numbers, which will continue into next week, where we then re-visit Roman Numerals.

At home you can: ask your child how they round numbers – what is the rounding rule and their steps to success?

Home Learning ideas for next week

We are focussing on sentence structure and punctuation – help your child by asking them to read their sentences aloud.