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At Balfour, we summatively assess the children three times a year towards the end of each term. At this point, children can be assessed as:

Working Towards their Year Group descriptors 

They are accessing the Year Group learning but have not yet securely and independently shown all knowledge and skills. This would be considered Age Related Expectations at the end of Autumn term and potentially the end of Spring term too.

Expected within their Year Group descriptors

They have securely and independently learnt and applied the knowledge and skills within their Year Group. This is considered Age Related Expectations for the end of the academic year - Summer Term.

Greater Depth within their Year Group descriptors

This shows that a child is working above their Age Related Expectations and would be considered Most Able. They have mastered and can confidently apply the knowledge and skills in order to problem solve and show innovation.


In some circumstances, children may be working within another Year Groups descriptors. For example, they may be in Year 3 but assessed as Year 2 Expected if they find a subject area particularly challenging.


If you would like any further information about your child's current assessment data, please speak to their class teacher.