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We approach maths assessment in a variety of ways here at Balfour. 

The class teacher is constantly assessing, through skilled questioning, by working with different groups of children on a daily basis and through live marking: that constant dialogue through which children can show their understanding.  At the end of each ‘block’ (eg. Place Value) the children complete a short assessment, which will then identify any areas where they may need further support.  These would then be targeted through morning maths, small group teacher support or through Same Day Intervention. 

See the assessment grids below for objectives which the children should meet in each year group.

Same day intervention

At Balfour we believe in ‘keeping up’ not ‘catching up’.  Assemblies are held three* times a week and during this time, teachers will work with children who they have identified during their maths lessons as needing more practice or clarification.  It is so fun, we call it Maths club in KS1 and Masterclass in KS2!

*in usual circumstances this will run three times per week, but currently just once