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We aim for 97% attendance for every child in our school.

Young people who attend at least 97% of school will almost certainly get the best grades they can, leading to better prospects for the future.  Pupils will also get into a habit of attending school which will help in the future. We want to work together to support families and children in attending school as much as possible.

We understand that there are a range of reasons why your child might be off school. We want to support as many well children being in school as much as possible to support both their learning, wellbeing and sense of belonging.

Please see the link below from the NHS detailing when it is appropriate to keep your child off for illness:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding attendance, please review our Attendance Policy below or contact Attendance Officer and Assistant Headteacher Michaela Francis-Hicks.

The below document entitled "Working Together to Improve School Attendance" outlines all governmental advice around attendance:

Last week's attendance... Week ending 7th June 2024


Reception: 96.7%

Year 1: 95.7%

Year 2: 97.7%

Year 3: 98.3%

Year 4: 96.3%

Year 5: 93.1%

Year 6: 94.3%

Well done to Year 2 and 3 who have reached and exceeded our school target of 97%!

Fixed Penalty Notices

Brighton and Hove City Council have published a revised school attendance policy for all schools which was implemented from 1st January 2018. The main changes for us as a school are:

  • Fines can now be issued for persistent late arrivals
  • Fines can be issued when holidays are taken during term time
  • Each person with parental responsibility can now receive up to three penalties per year

All requests for absences in term time should be submitted in writing to Mr Gunn ( with at least 10 days’ notice. The school will only be able to authorise absences in term time in exceptional circumstances as defined by the guidance.