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Balfour School Values and Fundamental British Values

At Balfour Primary School we have linked the Fundamental British Values to our school values and this informs the way we behave towards others and the environment and how we learn about the world we live in.


We respect and value ourselves, others and the environment.

We respect and value others ideas, views, faiths and beliefs and their right to express these.

We respect the rights of others, understand the need for rules and how these apply to our school and wider society.

We believe in being fair and in ensuring everyone has a voice in our school to make it the best it can be.


We make responsible decisions about how we behave towards ourselves, each other and the environment.

We understand that it is important to follow the rules that underpin our school values to ensure everyone feels safe and know they are part of the Balfour community.


We are reflective in our behaviour towards ourselves, others and in our learning.

We are able to improve our learning by responding to feedback and always trying our best.


We want learning to engage and challenge us.

We want opportunities to find out how we learn best; make choices about our learning and give feedback to our teachers.