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Design Technology

Design and Technology education at Balfour aims to be ambitious. It does this by being: 

  • Driven by process rather than by outcome – the child needs to see the process of designing and making as being valuable and educational in and of itself. 

  • Linked with emotional and cognitive development of child – it progresses at the pace and in harmony with the child's experience of the world around them 

  • (ie as the child’s experience of the world expands from being very small and personal, to then the home, the school, the playground, the town, the world etc, so does the DT curriculum). 

  • To reiterate and support the child's innate capacity and need for designing and making and to deepen this through the introduction of different skills and techniques and processes. 

  • To enable the child to make a link between their experience, and that of design and technology in the adult world around them. 

  • To develop confidence in themselves as designers and makers, and to be able to talk with authority about design and designers.