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We have tailored our approach to handwriting to suit our children. Established, legible handwriting has been shown to increase speed and fluidity of writing and support muscle memory for spelling patterns. 

EYFS develop children's fine motor skills using our 'Funky Fingers' activities in preparation for handwriting. We model outstrokes and take time to embed correct letter formation.

Year 1 model outstrokes and focus on orientation of letters, including ascenders and descenders. We teach initial joins for digraphs (sounds represented by two letters). If appropriate, they begin the PenPals scheme later in the year.

From Year 2 upwards, we teach handwriting using the progressive PenPals programme and resources. We encourage fully joined handwriting from the end of Year 2.

To support your child with handwriting:

Encourage correct orientation (you may want to use a grass, ground, sky document to show ascenders go up to the sky and descenders come down to the ground).

Look at letter formation in groups (see below - Curly Caterpillar, One Armed Robot, Ladder Letters, Zig Zag Monster).

Only encourage joining when the basic formation is correct.