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Current House Point Totals

House Boyan  20470 points
House Greta  18147 points
House Malala  18570 points
House Marcus  18820 points

The House system searches for ways that pupils and staff can feel more connected to and involved with the surrounding community. It facilitates discussions between the children and staff and fosters friendly competitive spirit along the way.

Our wonderful children came up with our four houses.  They all represent inspirational young people across the world who have made a real impact nationally and globally.

We have a vertical House system, with each class in a year group representing a different House.

Each house has a charity that they support, chosen by our pupils:

House Boyan: The Ocean Cleanup

House Greta: We are WWF | WWF

House Malala: Cancer Research UK

House Marcus: Brighton Food Bank

Here is some more information about our 4 inspirational house representatives: