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In Phonics, we follow the Letters and Sounds phases alongside our own resources, Cued Articulation for EYFS and interactive games Phonics Play. We have created our own progressive overview of sounds and words, which provides progressive coverage throughout Key Stage 1. We aim to send children to Key Stage 2 with a secure understanding of the graphemes, phonemes and key words required.

In Key Stage 1, each class has a daily 20 minute discrete phonics lesson. Children have key sound/s or spelling rule/s for the week which is fed through all Literacy learning. This would be referred to in any Writing tasks, cursive handwriting is used for the grapheme taught and, where possible, this new phoneme is consolidated with carefully chosen books. We have matched our progression of sounds and words to books for EYFS and Year 1, allowing children the opportunity to immediately consolidate their learning. Time is also taken to regularly revisit previous learning on a weekly basis. For this academic year only due to lockdown, Year 3 will also teach discrete phonics lessons in the Autumn term.

We keep phonics fun and active so engagement is high and children are using their new learning in different ways as much as possible.