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Pupil Led Clubs

Balfour is proud to offer a wide range of pupil-led clubs at lunchtimes in key stage 2.

Each term pupils are encouraged to put forward a club proposal based on an interest or hobby and the age range they feel this would appeal to most. Requests are then considered by the teacher responsible for Pupil Led Clubs and then a timetable is put together to ensure a range of clubs are on offer that appeal to as many pupils as possible. These can be related to art, sport, music, book clubs, debating clubs etc. Pupils take responsibility for the setting up of their clubs, including advertising, membership and resources etc. Teachers demonstrate their support by acting as facilitators and supervising the clubs each day.

Pupil Led Clubs have been very successful at Balfour in recent years and provide opportunities for our pupils to take on leadership roles, consider ways in which to ensure their club is fair and inclusive, meet with other pupils in school who share similar interests and develop their knowledge and skills in a particular area.