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Reading is the cornerstone to all learning and we work hard to embed a love of reading in our children. Our curriculum is progressive, with carefully considered knowledge, skills and coverage of different genres, cultural capital links, author comparisons and classic texts.

EYFS read in a small group with their class teacher at least once a week. For Guided Reading, Year 1 and Year 2 use a carousel approach to secure decoding skills alongside comprehension. This mixes reading with an adult once or twice a week alongside consolidation and application activities. At an appropriate point in Year 2 tailored to the individual classes and year group, we move to Shared Reading. Rich texts are chosen and explored as a class to allow for discussions around children's ideas and understanding alongside development of inference and deduction skills. Children who are not reaching their Age Related Expectations are also read with individually to continue acquisition of early decoding skills. This approach is continued throughout Key Stage 2.

We encourage a breadth of reading by ensuring available books linked to class topics and offering a range of books for children's perusal, supporting their natural enquiry and interests. Several reading competitions such as 'Get Caught Reading!' are held across the year to further motivate varied and enthusiastic reading.

Every child has a reading journal to encourage ownership of their reading and encourage reading at home. We have a school library which each class visits weekly and run reading competitions throughout the year. Staff and parents are also encouraged to share their favourite stories and book reviews with children!

Please read our Reading Rationale below which fully explains our intent and approach to Reading at Balfour.

Please also find below our assessment and overview of knowledge and skills covered by each year group and our Whole School Guided Reading overview which shows the texts cover in Guided or Shared Reading by each year group.

Stuck for ideas for books? Below are some suggested texts broken down into year groups to give you an idea of what we would consider an appropriate level, and encouraging breadth in reading for our children.