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School Curriculum Map

A summary of our Curriculum Intent:

Clear progression of skills and knowledge, well sequenced to build secure understanding

  • We begin each new unit by recapping previous knowledge and skills which are then built on and connected. This is made explicit to pupils and if they aren’t ready or clear, we re-visit the learning.  We are explicit about what the pupils are learning and why.
  • We check previous year group knowledge and skills progression document as a starting point
  • We focus on the whole journey of learning (within the topic/unit/subject areas) - securing each stage (unit, year group and whole school) for long term success
  • We ensure that we encourage pupils to actively seek connections between learning

More ambitious than the National Curriculum

  • Our knowledge and skills progression documents for each subject provide a starting point, not the limit
  • We use Bloom’s Questioning to extend and challenge
  • We provide opportunities for all to achieve – Foundation Subjects are differentiated  to enable access for all pupils and are based on the knowledge and/or skill being learnt
  • High quality written work is expected across all areas of the curriculum, not just in English

A creative approach involving pupils directly with stimulating experiences

  • We carefully consider Stunning Starts, trips and workshops to engage pupils and apply learning in real life contexts – we reflect on how learning effects or will affect them
  • Our lessons are designed to be practical and physical – less teacher talk and more active for pupils!
  • We use creative ways to capture and record the learning taking place
  • We develop cultural capital (i.e.  cultural knowledge and understanding which enables pupils to be successful citizens) and global citizenship – we consider diversity, SEND and Disadvantaged

Development of resilience, wellbeing and Growth Mindset

  • We support independence and self-motivation
  • We promote understanding of others and empathy
  • We support Mental Health
  • Social responsibility is threaded through subject areas

A focus on learning through Creative based activities to support social skills and mental health alongside critical thinking and active problem solving

  • We consider more creative, practical and physical ways to engage learners
  • We use cross curricular links wherever possible to enable connections to be made
  • We embed understanding of human creativity