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The Pantry

Many families in Brighton are feeling the squeeze with rents, interest rates, food prices and fuel bills rising. As a school we are also working hard to become more sustainable.

The Pantry is a place where anyone can collect items they may need such as uniform, shoes, coats, food, toiletries and sanitary products. Simply turn up and take what you need.

All of our uniform is clean and in good condition. We have many brand new items. With so much uniform ending up in landfill, we really hope many of our families will come to The Pantry as opposed to buying new. Our ethos is support, sustain, share and swap! If you are able to, and would like to, give us something you don't need! If you take uniform, please leave the hangers.

The Pantry will be mostly unmanned so you can turn up during our opening hours and take what you need. We are open term time from 8am-10am and 2.30pm-5pm. We do ask that children do not attend The Pantry without an adult. We will be open during holidays and will advise you of the times beforehand.

How can you help I hear you ask?

Please do use The Pantry and spread the word! We want this venture to be a success but if nobody comes we will have to review this! 

If you can and you want to, give us a food or uniform donation. 

If you would like to help volunteer, are in the digital design area of expertise or have any connections with local food businesses such as cafes or shops please email