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Who do I contact?

Office Staff 

The office staff will be able to answer most queries about day-to-day running of the school i.e. payments, letters, club information, general school enquiries.  The office staff will deal with medical information and pass messages on to other staff members.  


Class Teacher 

The class teacher will be the first person to speak to in the case of a class-based issue or enquiry that the office is unable to answer such as friendship issues or academic achievement.  The majority of issues can be sorted out at this stage. 


Year Leader 

For any issue that is more serious in nature or relates to the running of the year team. 


Assistant or Deputy Headteacher 

When an issue is such that it demands the attention of a senior leader then either an Assistant or Deputy Headteacher would need to be contacted. 



There may be occasions when an issue is serious enough for it to be brought to the attention of the Headteacher.  In these instances, issues are usually referred up by a member of the senior leadership team. 


Chair of Governors 

Our policy states that should any person not be satisfied with the Headteacher’s response they should address their concerns to the Chair of Governors who will investigate the matter within 10 working days. 


Learning Mentors 

If a child or family receives Learning Mentor intervention work or support, then they will be more appropriate for any first contact about issues as they have a close relationship with their mentees. 



If your issue relates to Special Educational Needs, the SENCO will be the person to contact.