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The writing curriculum at Balfour Primary covers the National Curriculum (2014) but to a greater degree of depth and utilising links between reading and writing. We place great emphasis on developing our children’s vocabulary across reading and writing, through the delivery of high-quality texts that motivate and inspire our children in developing their writing skills.

As a school, we have a well sequenced and progressive writing knowledge and skills outline for all year groups. We aim to deliver the writing curriculum based on the ‘spiral’ approach by revisiting text types or authors, which allows children to build on prior learning.

The curriculum has been designed to ensure that children experience writing a broad range of text-types and, where possible and appropriate, links are made to their topic and Shared Reading texts. We aim for the children to have a clear purpose and outcome for their writing, and look to share these with a ‘real recipient’ and to display their efforts with pride around the school.

We teach poetry termly and ensure that the poems we select link directly to the skills being covered, as well as being inspirational poems written by well-known poets. Through poetry we deliver Speaking and Listening knowledge and skills within the English National Curriculum. Oral performances of poetry are strongly encouraged, to illustrate the effects that can be created by word-choices, as well as to enhance the children’s oracy skills and confidence.

Please read our Writing Rationale below; this fully explains our passion and intent in supporting and celebrating our writers.

Please also find below an overview of the units, texts, genres, knowledge and skills covered in each year group.